Conservatory International
The Carolina Philharmonic Conservatory

Bringing the joy of exceptional music-making to children
One child at a time.

[Note: except for private instruction, all information about the Carolina Philharmonic's Educational Outreach Programs (Junior Orchestra, Link Up, Encore! Kids and more) are now located here:   

Parents often don't know where to start when they're ready to provide their child with a quality musical education.  It can be an overwhelming task to find the right teacher, and finding that teacher is critical to your child's future musical development.

The Carolina Philharmonic is able to provide private lessons in Pinehurst to a limited number of students.  We may also be able to offer referrals to local teachers.  Thanks to support from Philharmonic patrons to keep costs down, the Conservatory is able to offer rates below cost, so effectively every student is now on scholarship.   We currently offer instruction in Pinehurst and Fayetteville.

Conservatory International is the educational outreach arm of the Carolina Philharmonic, which places music education and outreach at the fore of its core mission.  The Philharmonic believes that taking an active role in education will positively transform this of NC and hopefully serve as a model for other symphony orchestras across the country.   Click here to learn about our many Educational Outreach opportunities for children.
You may contact us with inquiries through the Carolina Philharmonic office by email at, or by calling 910-687-0287.  

Carolina Philharmonic is a 501(c)3 non-profit and all donations are tax-deductible.